painter and musictherapist
born nineteensixtynine
in Innsbruck in the heart of Tirol
visited three years long
a craftworkschool in the mentioned city
worked as churchrestorer and illusionpainter
went eastwards to the capitaltown Vienna
was Kindergartenteacher and gilded frames
lived than on the countryside with many trees
painted them with great pleasure
and learned six years long
old turkish musictherapy
now he is busy in Vienna
and feels allright

He entered into the world of painting
as he could hold an brush
loves to draw
puts paper under water
learned and teached paining out in nature
finds harmony through less colours
creates paintings in many styles
gives walls many colours
believes in the development of the humanrace
that's why he translates old books
gives musictherapy
and drinks blacktea
out of a glass